Epic Day Entertainment

Scope of Project:

Full social media takeover, refreshing The Client’s feed with the new logo and new brand identity. Expand online visual presence and attract a digital audience worldwide and change the overall brand image from a boat party planner to a large, upscale events organizer and promoter.


July 7th, 2020 to January 7th, 2020.


Created a cohesive feed on Instagram that steers away from the bar/boat parties and welcomes engagement. In a side by side comparison we have the current feed showing bright, fun and candid images, with the previous feed looking busy and dark. 

We have only run a few advertising campaigns so far, due to no events happening during COVID-19 lockdown measures, but for the few we have run these are the results: Our advertisements consisted of interactive videos and text posts using graphic design. The results were an average of 5,565 Reach, 14,020 Impressions and our Cost Per Result was $0.41 – these results are per ad. 

With lockdown laws lifted, we have three big events on the books and results will be continually updated as the project continues.