Dolphin Point Club

Scope of Project:

Increase traffic to Dolphin Point Club’s website through SEO management with on-site and off-site implementation, as well as targeted advertising to reach potential buyers. The priority goal was to get more newsletter subscribers for future leads and ultimately increase unit sales.


July 1st, 2020 to October 1st, 2020.


In terms of traffic within the first month we were up +516.00% in Unique Visitors, +334.4% in Website Visits, and +275.0% in Pageviews. 

In July we were up +142.9% with 17 Form Submissions (Newsletter Signups), August a further +88.2% with 32 Form Submissions, and September we went down in comparison at -11.8% but still had 30 Form Submissions!

On July 1, 2020 we ran a site audit on and found 68 Errors, 131 Warnings, and 44 Notices, with the overall Site Health sitting at 80%. In three months with SEO Management we have solved all Errors, have 43 Warnings left to resolve (86% of which are pages with low word count), 24 Notices and have an overall Site Health sitting at 97%.

For further off-site SEO Management we have written an article for DPC that has been published on 120 blog domains with targeted keywords. We are seeing sustained and good growth with organic impressions and clicks for targeted keywords.

For targeted advertising our audience was predominantly individuals aged 30 to 65+ that lived in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Morocco, Hong Kong, and Cayman Islands. We ran 4 campaigns a month that varied from carousel images, videos, and graphic posts. On average, our advertisements resulted in 875 Link Clicks, 26,554 Reach, 38,855 Impressions, and our Cost Per Result was $0.14 – these results are per ad. 

This concludes our 3-month results with Dolphin Point Club.