About EMG

Electric Media Group is an elegantly bold digital agency made up of creators, photographers, designers, and dreamers. We specialize in Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Brand Photography, Digital Editing, Content Writing, Targeted Advertising, Story Development, Influencer Marketing and SEO Management.

At EMG we have a passion for taking ideas and bringing them to life through digital marketing. Nothing excites us more than creating engaging content that not only tells a story, but forces a reaction. We aspire to inspire. 

Curiosity and eagerness fuel our souls, it’s the source of everything we do and what sets us apart.

We’re Responsive:

We value a way of working that is designed for uncertainty. We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving.

Client Committed:

Client satisfaction is at the heart of our efforts and we strive daily to better ourselves. It’s simple really, when our clients succeed, we succeed. 

This is Our Passion:

Committed in heart and mind. We use our drive and dedication to energize, engage and inspire others. We eat and breathe digital marketing and we will never be full.

I studied Marketing Management in school with a focus on Communications. I had big dreams to go into advertising – but went traveling instead. My first website I created was a travel blog that showcased all my adventuresI remember going through more established travel blogs and being fascinated by how polished and captivating their websites were. The spark was ignited.

From there I studied basic coding, I learned the in and outs of graphic design, I bought a fancy camera to study photography and learned the fundamental elements of social media marketing.

I have since worked for small startups, creating their brand identity, to running social media platforms for much larger brands.

It doesn’t matter how big or small a company is, each and every project promotes my growth and allows me to create something truly extraordinary.” – Cassandra Lacelle, EMG Founder